SONATA in G-minor for violin and piano:
    1. Allegro Appassionato  
    2. Andantino grazioso a ballata
    3. Largo “Françoise Dorléac”, a small requiem - like movement, written in June 2007, at the exact 40 years since the great French actress passed away in a tragic car accident at age 25.

    The World Premiere of the first movement, Allegro Appassionato, took place within a Recital at the Dutch Consulate in Chicago, on November 2-nd, 2007, with Frederieke Saeijs, violin and Alexandre Tsomaia, piano.
Frederieke Saeijs is the winner of Long-Thibaud competition in Paris, 2005.

Video/audio recordings of the Ballad and the Largo have been made in March 2008 with pianist Lilia Semionov, Violinist Cosmin-Horatiu Stoica and Flutist Florin Ouatu.
See youtube.