“Eroica” Overture was composed immediately after the Geminis’ collapse following the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. The theme that inspired him is the national anthem of the United States of America.
   In about 150 years since Englishman John Smith had composed that theme, many choral or fanfare adaptations were carried out but no composer in the world created a symphonic work. “Eroica” Overture is Unique through its rich creative content, as well.
    The overture has the form of an A-B-A cyclic symphony. The first part represents an apology of that life in which tragedy can hardly be imagined. People rush at life pleasures thinking they are eternal until an accident gets them near to death.
    The Geminis’ collapse was to the composer a beginning of Mankind collapse, forced him out of dreaming and made him understand that we were living in a demented world, on a powder barrel that could explode on the first clash of interests, vanities and vainglory.
    Soon after these tragic events, he read a magazine in which there were introduced the last telephone conversations and the pictures of some of the deceased. Being moved by those thrilling images he went to the piano and wrote the median part – a requiem-like music for the ones whose lives had been aberrantly taken.